Do you have a question about TraMS? Then read on as this page contains the answers to the most commonly asked questions about TraMS and their answers.

Q: How do I … in TraMS?

A: If you are having difficulty downloading or installing TraMS then you should visit the Documentation pages for guidance on how to install and run TraMS for the first time. TraMS contains an online help system within the program.

Q: Can I contribute to the TraMS project?

A: Yes, please! You can contribute by highlighting bugs that you find in TraMS, requesting new features or implementing extentions to the TraMS source code yourself. Please create a Pull Request on the github repository if you want to help.

Q: I enjoy playing TraMS. Do you know of any other transport games?

A: Yes! You may find the following games interesting:

Q: When will a new version of TraMS be released?

A: Unfortunately there will be no new versions of TraMS for the foreseeable future due to other commitments. If you would like to see a new version of TraMS, then please volunteer to help with the TraMS project.