Ready to try out TraMS? This page provides instructions on how you can install and start TraMS on your computer regardless of whether you are using Windows, Linux oder Mac OS. If you need any help after starting TraMS, then you can use the integrated help system in TraMS.

Installation Instructions

Please note prior to installation that TraMS requires version 6 or later of the Java Runtime environment in order to function. You can check if you have this on your system by running java -version. If it does not report a version number of 6 or later or says that it can’t run at all, then you need to download the Java Runtime Environment.

Installing TraMS:

  1. Go to the Downloads link and download the file “”.

  2. Navigate to the folder where you saved it to and open the .zip file. Suggested programs for extracting zip files are Unzip for Linux and IZArc for other versions of Windows.

  3. Extract the “trams-0.4.0.jar” file to a folder of your choice. You have successfully installed TraMS!

Starting TraMS

  1. You should open a command prompt (or console/Terminal in Linux/Mac OS) and navigate to the folder where you extracted the contents of the zip file.

  2. Once in this directory, run java -jar “trams-0.4.0.jar” and, after a splash screen is displayed for two seconds, TraMS will start.

  3. TraMS contains an on-line help system within the program to answer the user’s queries.