TraMS aims to simulate the daily workings of a transport operator. There have been a number of versions over the last few years and this page provides an overview of the history of TraMS development and why TraMS exists.

What is TraMS?

TraMS is freeware and open source. TraMS seeks to fulfil a small unfulfilled niche area in Transport Games – namely managing a complex transport company. You have to make quick decisions with finite resources to keep your revenues coming in – passengers will not wait!

Aims and Objectives of TraMS

The program aims to simulate the daily workings of a transport operator. The main activities which TraMS seeks to simulate are:

  1. The creation of a route network and procurement of sufficient vehicles so that the route network can be run efficiently.

  2. Daily allocation of vehicles to routes.

  3. Challenges, during each day, which may cause your vehicles to run early or late.

  4. >Daily summary of passenger satisfaction.

At the end of each day, you must get a minimum level of passenger satisfaction or your transport company will go out of business.

Version History

The 1st Preview Edition of TraMS was released in November 2008. A 2nd Preview Edition was released in August 2009. A further preview edition was released in May 2010. The latest release (0.4.0) was released in April 2017.

GIT Access

This project uses the GIT version control system for source code management. The source code is available from here.