I have a 1st Class Honours Bachelor of Science in Computing for Business and E-Commerce as well as a Doctor of Philosophy degree. This page gives an overview of my qualifications, my career, my achievements and my skills.

Ausbildung und Qualifikationen

Born in 1985, I developed an interest in computing at an early age. After completing my Highers/A Levels with excellent grades, I was awarded an unconditional place to study Computing for Business and E-Commerce at the Robert Gordon University Aberdeen. During my degree, I achieved excellent grades for which I was rewarded with three academic achievement awards. I was also awarded three scholarships to undertake summer research projects. In July 2006, I graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Computing for Business and E-Commerce. Upon completion of my Honours Degree, I was offered a PhD scholarship. The research I undertook resulted in four research publications as well as numerous presentations and seminars internationally delivered. In March 2010, I was awarded my Doctor of Philosophy degree from the School of Computing at the Robert Gordon University after a successful defence of my doctoral thesis entitled “Hybrid Algorithms for Distributed Constraint Satisfaction”.


From August 2010 until June 2014, I worked as a Software Developer for mytoys.de GmbH in Berlin, Germany. I was responsible primarily for developing backend e-commerce systems in Java with REST interfaces. Since July 2014, I am working as a Software Architect for mytoys.de GmbH in Berlin, Germany where I combine my passions of research, software design and development to design, develop and implement optimal solutions for a wide range of e-commerce problems.

Programming Langauges and Frameworks


I have developed a number of freely available software programs in Java. These programs are available from the Software page. Additionally, details of other programs which I have developed during my research projects are available from the Research page. If you would like more information about a particular program or other web sites which I have developed, please contact me.


During my doctoral research within the School of Computing at the Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, I supervised laboratories in a number of modules. The module name and a brief description of the module content are given below. Teaching materials were available for students through RGU’s Virtual Learning Environment (CampusMoodle).


Scholarship Awards & Grants

Academic Achievement Awards


As well as keeping up with the latest IT developments, I enjoy cycling, playing board games, travelling and helping out at my local church.