I have a 1st Class Honours Bachelor of Science in Computing for Business and E-Commerce as well as a Doctor of Philosophy degree. This page gives an overview of my qualifications, my career, my achievements and my skills.

Ausbildung und Qualifikationen

Born in 1985, I developed an interest in computing at an early age. After completing my Highers/A Levels with excellent grades, I was awarded an unconditional place to study Computing for Business and E-Commerce at the Robert Gordon University Aberdeen. During my degree, I achieved excellent grades for which I was rewarded with three academic achievement awards. I was also awarded three scholarships to undertake summer research projects. In July 2006, I graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Computing for Business and E-Commerce. Upon completion of my Honours Degree, I was offered a PhD scholarship. The research I undertook resulted in four research publications as well as numerous presentations and seminars internationally delivered. In March 2010, I was awarded my Doctor of Philosophy degree from the School of Computing at the Robert Gordon University after a successful defence of my doctoral thesis entitled “Hybrid Algorithms for Distributed Constraint Satisfaction”. Since 2015 I am a Certified Professional for Software Architecture (Foundation Level).


From August 2010 until June 2014, I worked as a Software Developer for mytoys.de GmbH in Berlin, Germany. I was responsible primarily for developing backend e-commerce systems in Java with REST interfaces. Since July 2014, I am working as a Software Architect for mytoys.de GmbH in Berlin, Germany where I combine my passions of research, software design and development to design, develop and implement optimal solutions for a wide range of e-commerce problems. Since February 2018 I am working as a Technical Product Owner for mytoys.de GmbH in Berlin, Germany where I am responsible for our Content Management System (Drupal) as well as Backend & Search systems. I use my extensive knowledge to plan sprints, refine tickets with developer team & stakeholders, manage stakeholder requirements, develop roadmap & visions for further development of our systems based on Key Performing Indicators (KPI) and Objective Key Results (OKR).

Technologies and Tools

Software Development

Over 12 years pratical experience with extensive knowledge of Java focusing particularly on the development of RESTful Web Services and Microservices. I have also extensive knowledge in these frameworks and tools:

Most of my applications I have built using Maven with the Git version control system. I have used FishEye for code reviews and Jenkins for building Continuous Integration pipelines. I also have some experience of using C#, Visual Basic and Perl. I use Visual Studio Code, Intellij IDEA and Eclipse as IDEs.

Web Development

I have extensive knowledge of building web sites for both commerical and non-commerical use with the following technologies:

I have experience of using both Apache and NGINX as Web Servers and/or proxies as well as using MySQL/MariaDB & Oracle for web programming with databases.

Software Architecture

I have experience planning, developing & maintaining monolithic, SOA (Service Orientated Architecture) & microservice architectures. I have experience of using both BPMN and UML as modelling tools. I have experience of using JIRA, YouTrack, Asana, Trello and Mantis for operative project management.


I have experience using SQL databases such as Oracle, mySQL/MariaDB or HSQLDB for test purposes as well as NoSQL databases such as Couchbase or Lucene-based indexes such as Solr.

Operating Systems

I have experience of using all major Windows versions as well as Fedora/Ubuntu (Linux) and Mac OS X.


I have extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, Access, Publisher).


I have developed a number of freely available software programs in Java. These programs are available from the Software page. Additionally, details of other programs which I have developed during my research projects are available from the Research page. If you would like more information about a particular program or other web sites which I have developed, please contact me.


During my doctoral research within the School of Computing at the Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, I supervised laboratories in a number of modules. The module name and a brief description of the module content are given below. Teaching materials were available for students through RGU’s Virtual Learning Environment (CampusMoodle).


Scholarship Awards & Grants

Academic Achievement Awards


As well as keeping up with the latest IT developments, I enjoy cycling, playing board games, travelling and helping out at my local church.