PersonalMan: Human Resources Management Software

PersonalMan is a java program which records employee information and provides absence management such as calcuting the number of annual leave days an employee has taken per year, managing days-in-lieu acquired through business trips etc. It is designed as a simple free solution for non-profit organisations with a relatively small number of employees. The ideas behind PersonalMan were conceived in 2013 and since then the program has been regularly updated for new Java versions. PersonalMan is an open source project.

PersonalMan implements a client server architecture. The server manages the data which can be accessed through any client implementing the RESTful API.


GIT Access

In order to prevent multiple edits to the source code simultaneously, this project uses the GIT version control system. The source code for the server is available from here. The source code for the desktop client is available from here.


System Requirements

You need at least the Java 13 Runtime Enviroment (or later) installed on your computer. If you are not sure which version of Java you have, run “java -version” from the command prompt (Windows) or from a terminal (Linux/Mac). You can download the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment here.


Download and Installation

Server: You can download the server by following the on-screen instructions on this page.

Desktop Client: You can download the desktop client by following the on-screen instructions on this page.

Android/iOS/Web: There is no app client or web client for PersonalMan currently available.



PersonalMan Welcome Screen

PersonalMan Employee Screen

PersonalMan Absence Screen